• Monitor your listeners' habits as you run promotions or release new music.

  • Discover what makes your songs popular as you interact with your biggest fans.

  • Analyze song plays, shares, favorites, and more on an individual level.

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Grooveshark is the only music service that provides independent artists and content holders with free, worldwide distribution and access to over 20 million active listeners across the globe. Artist services on Grooveshark are free to use and there are no barriers to entry — simply upload your music to begin meeting and connecting with new fans.

Free and Unlimited Hosting for Your Music.

Spend more time creating music and less time jumping through hoops. Distribute your content, access in-depth analytics, and monitor live feedback from your listeners; all with no limits or fees.

Promotional Opportunities

Grooveshark has helped thousands of musicians worldwide tap into new audiences and monetize their music using our premiere ad platform. Whether promoting a tour, releasing an album, or just launching a new video, our fully customizable site themes tailor messages to your needs. Intelligent targeting ensures your content always reaches the right audience. Contact us at artistpromo@grooveshark.com for more info.

New Release? No Problem.

Promote new tracks or test singles using Radio Campaigns. Feature a new album or video on the Grooveshark homepage. Post-promotion analytics and real fan feedback help artists to better understand their fanbase and fan consumption habits.

Your fans are awaiting your arrival.